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Align Conference 2019

Shawn recently attended a major pain rehabilitation conference. The Align 2019 Conference was held in Denver. The conference was hosted by the International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI). It was an outstanding educational opportunity with leaders from around the country and around the world in the “biopsychosocial” approach to physical therapy and improving the lives of people with chronic/persistent pain. Excellent new information was gathered that will be incorporated into Shawn’s pain education program, Pain School.

Also, Shawn will attend the Therapeutic Neuroscience Education class presented by ISPI as he works to put the final touches on Pain School. The solid scientific evidence supporting quality pain education as part of pain management just keeps growing. It is clear that people with chronic/persistent pain need this education whether it is in a series of 1:1 session with their physical therapist or in a class setting or both.

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