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Dr. Everson Trains in the Watson Headache Approach

In February, 2019, Dr. Everson traveled to Sydney, Australia for training with Dean Watson, PT, PhD in the Watson Headache Approach. Dr. Everson is now one of what is believed to be only two people in the USA that has been trained in the Watson Headache Approach. This method of treating chronic headaches, including variations of migraine, emphasizes the potentially powerful influence of neuromuscular dysfunction of the upper cervical area on the production of headaches. Go to for more information.

Dr. Everson has worked with many headache patients throughout his career helping people with a wide spectrum of persistent pain. Adding the Watson Headache Approach is an exciting development and Dr. Everson is actively seeking headache patients interested in seeking this treatment. The goal (obviously!) is to significantly reduce or abolish a person’s headaches. One very valuable part of the Watson Headache Approach is that we should know within 4-5 visits if it is going to help or not. It is not a “cure all”; there is no such thing. But the potential for this approach to help many headache patients is very promising and Dr. Everson is eager to put it to work!