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Dr. Everson Trains in the Watson Headache Approach

In February, 2019, Dr. Everson traveled to Sydney, Australia for training with Dean Watson, PT, PhD in the Watson Headache Approach. Dr. Everson is now one of what is believed to be only two people in the USA that has been trained in the Watson Headache Approach. This...

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Total Motion Release: What is it?

Total Motion Release (TMR) is a method of self-evaluation and treatment for our major (or minor) body imbalances. Dr. Everson has had extensive training in TMR with the founder, Tom Dalonzo-Baker, PT. TMR is an easy to learn method of assessing the imbalances between...

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Why Use Options in Physical Rehabilitation?

The answer is very simple. If you need and want more time with one-to-one care with an exceptionally well trained and experienced physical therapist, that time has to be paid for somehow. The common healthcare/managed care system is built on providing whatever care...

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