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We Accept Insurance or Not…

Peak Sport and Spine works with nearly every plan in St. Louis. If Peak is not in network with a plan, favorable arrangements are made to accommodate the patient. Peak makes extraordinary efforts to make these accommodations. Options in Physical Rehabilitation is not and will not be a “preferred provider” for any plans. Options will file out-of-network claims for patients.

Any healthcare provider who can legally put the right initials after their name, and will work at sharp price reductions, can be a “preferred provider”. The basic premise of “managed care” using “preferred providers” is that the providers will work at a steep discounts and make up for the financial losses with “volume”. The need to see more patients means seeing more patients per hour, per day. This works fine for most patients. For others, it doesn’t work well at all.

My staff and I will work with you the best we can within Peak. When you need and want more than the system can deliver…you have options!